Privacy Policy

Your personal information is safe with Kiwivelo. The purpose of the website is to give information, not take it.

Website Users
No personal information about the users of this website is collected.

The only way we can know information such as names, contact details, or email addresses is if you send it to us.

If you do send us information we will not use it for any other purpose than that for which it was given.

Where visitors use the contact form and provide an email address or other contact details, these details will be used by the Kiwivelo head office, or Kiwivelo sales agent purely to respond to the enquiry.

If you wish to be contacted for other reasons, such as updates or articles, you should specifically ask.

This site uses cookies for the following purposes. The first cookie records the URL of the page that referred you to this site, and the date of that referral. Kiwivelo uses this information to decide which advertising mediums are most beneficial.
A second cookie allows you to see the package prices in the currency you select. You need to have cookies enabled to see the prices in any currency other than Swiss Franks (CHF). This cookie records only the currency you select. We never see the information from this cookie.
Finally we use the Google Adwords advertising system and their system may use cookies to track clicks and conversions.

Customers who stay at Kiwivelo will provide us with various information during the booking process. We will pass some of this information on to your homestay/accommodation provider, and the English school as necessary and no one else.

Kiwivelo publishes an occasional newsletter for distribution to bike shops and sales agents. Broad information about the customers at Kiwivelo as a group will be published in this newsletter, (such as "25 riders attended Kiwivelo, 8 from Switzerland, 6 from Germany, 4 each from the USA and Great Britan, and 3 from Austria"). The newsletter has also contained an interview with riders. Naturally you will only be interviewed for the newsletter with your express permision.

If you have any further concerns regarding your privacy on this website, please feel free to contact Kiwivelo with any questions.